How much hardwood flooring do I need to buy?


Tip: Always add 10% to be safe!

It's extremely important to make sure you have enough hardwood flooring to complete your project. Here's how to measure the amount of hardwood flooring you will need:

  • Step 1: Measure the length of the longest distance of the room into the doorways. Measure the width of the room also from the longest point, and round up to the nearest foot.
    Example: If your room is 10' wide by 20' long, multiply 10x20 for a total of 200 square feet.

  • Step 2: If you have areas in the room that won't be covered with flooring (such as a fireplace or cabinet), simply measure the length and width of these areas and subtract from the total square footage of the room.
    Example: The 4' x 5' entryway of the 200 sq ft room above will not need flooring, so multiply 4x5 for a total of 20 sq ft, then subtract 20 from 200 for a new total of 180 sq ft.

  • Installation
  • Step 3: Add 10% for waste. All hardwood flooring requires a percentage of waste to be added for installation. The percentage may vary depending on how much material you are installing. The general industry rule is to add 7% for installations requiring 1,000 sq ft or more. Add 10% for installations requiring less than 1,000 sq ft.
    Example: For an order of 180 sq ft, multiply 180 x .10 for a total of 18 additional sq ft of product. Add 18+180 for a total of 198 sq ft of flooring to purchase.

Your new hardwood flooring comes packaged in easy-to-manage sized individual cartons on delivery day. You can either round up or down to the nearest carton when purchasing your flooring items.

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